Coco peat or Coir pith is the corky substance which lies between the fibres in the outside layer of husk that surrounds the shell of the coconut. A by-product during the extraction of coir fibre, is very light, highly compressible and highly hygroscopic. It is used as a soil conditioner, surface mulch/ rooting medium and desiccant. Composted coir pith is an excellent organic manure for indoor plants as well as for horticulture crops. The coir dust is washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent.

Characteristic Features
100% natural hydroponic growing medium
High moisture retention
Improves aeration
Reduces frequency of irrigation
Stimulates the production of phytohormones
Exceptional physical stability
Good absorbing power
No harmful environmental impact
A solid potting medium and substratum for plants

Floriculture - rose, gerbera, carnation, orchid
Potting mix
Soil substrate
Animal bedding
Growing medium in nurseries
Plant propagation
Hydroponic crops - Pepper, tomato, cucumber, strawberry
Growing vegetables,citrus,crops sensitive to asphyxia of root.

We supply coco peat block in 5 kgs and 650 gms to our buyers. The below specs. can be customised as per customer requirements.

Blocks 5kg Bricks 650gms
Size 30x30x12cm ± 2mm 20x10x5cm ± 2mm
Drying sun dried sun dried
Compress ratio 5:1 5:1
EC 0.5 – 1.0 mS/cm 0.5 – 1.0 mS/cm
pH 5.2-6.8 5.2-6.8
Expansion-water 6-8 litres/kg 6-8 litres/kg
Pieces/Pallet 220 2000
Shipment - 40' HCC 20 pallets 20 pallets